They Paved Paradise (And Put Up A Monsterous Monlithic Sacrifice To Their Demonic Gods)

An Invitation to Borovia

While staying at the Weary Horse Inn, Spelunkers Anonymous recieved a letter from Kolyan Indirovich, the burgomeister of a distant town called Borovia. He begged the party to come to the town’s aid as, although it was a naturally dangerous area in which to live, the town itself had recently come under attack by hordes of the undead.

Spelunkers Anonymous accepted the invitation and set off for the town. Soon after they arrived in the forest surrounding the town, they encountered a pack of dire wolves. One of these wolves was obviously different from the others, so the party killed the others and subdued this last one. Under interrogation, via Grul, the wolf claimed to be from outside the area, a free roamer. The others, he said, were under the control of one Madam Eva.

Setting the last wolf free, the party continued to Boravia. Upon arrival, they found the town almost deserted. While investigating, the party were set upon by fierce zombies. It tured out that these zombies had more or less destroyed much of the town and its inhabitants. The remainders were centered in the town square where they had barricaded themselves against their oppressors. Among the survivors were Ismark Kolyana, son of the town’s burgomeister, and Ashlyn a paladin in a party of undead hunters called Lightbringers who had been split up from her two companions and had not heard from them in three days.

The townspeople seemed surprised to see the party. This grew even more when Ismark was presented with the letter the party said was written by his father; Kolyan the burgomiester was, in fact, dead! Moreover, Ismark asserted that the writing in the letter was not his father’s.

In talking with the townfolk, Spelunkers Anonymous learned of Strahd, a vampire rumored to live in Castle Ravenloft which overlooked the town. They had also heard of Madam Eva, although they could not say for certain what her relationship, if any, was with the dire wolves. Indeed, they suspected that she may know of the Sun Sword, a legendary weapon designed to destroy the undead, which was sought by Ashlyn and her companions. They also learned of Danovich, the local cleric of Pelor who lived in the church that Ashlyn’s companions had left to search.

The party was left with three options available to them: travel West in search of Madam Eva, travel North to the chuch in search of Danovich and Ashlyn’s companions, or travel South to the mansion that is Ismark’s family home and is currently defended by his sister, Ireena Kolyana.



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