Ashlyn the Lightbringer

A stoic opponent of the undead


Race: Human
Class: Paladin 5

Weapons Armour Items Other
+1 Longsword +1 Full plate Magical cloak Potion of Eagle’s Splendour
m/w Light crossbow +1 Heavy steel shield Magical amulet Potion of Cure Serious Wounds

Ashlyn is a member of the Lightbringers, a group of mercenaries who search the land in search of the undead in order to destroy them.

Ashlyn travelled to Borovia with her two companions on a mission to oppose the zombies that have been harassing the town. They also came in search of the Sun Sword, a legendary undead destroyer.

Sadly, Ashlyn’s companions were defeated by the mad cleric Danovich and turned into his zombie thralls. This hasn’t affected Ashlyn’s determination to oppose the undead that threaten Borovia.

Ashlyn herself continued to assist the villagers defend their town square until she too was killed: Strahd sent his minion Kavan the Grim against her as retaliation for the party destroying the first wilderness fane.