Borovia's sole cleric who has completely lost his mind


Race: Human
Class: Fallen Cleric (Pelor), level 5(?)

Weapons Armour Items Other
+1 Flail +1 Full plate .. Scroll of Circle of Death
m/w Morningstar +1 Heavy steel shield .. Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds

Danovich was the local cleric for the town of Borovia. He was a staunch defender of the town, having used his divine powers against the forces arrayed against the townsfolk regularly.

However the protracted war with the undead has taken its toll on the cleric; when his son Doru was killed by agents of Strahd it proved too much for for Danovich to bear. The man went mad with grief, shunning his former friends and sequestering himself in his church and the catacombs below where he turned his alchemical skills to evil.

Danovich read a fragment of the Liber Blaspheme in an attempt to restore some semblance of life to his dead son. The resulting horror not only serves Danovich with undying loyalty, but also propogates the necromantic infection that plagues the town.

The cleric was killed in the basement under his church by Spelunkers Anonymous after the party searched the church in search of Ashlyn’s lost Lightbringers, who had since been turned into zombies in Denevic’s army.