The Drowned Lady

The mad guardian of the Swamp Fane


Race: Sea Hag
Class: Creature


The Drowned Lady was the guardian of the Swamp Fane, located at Ivlis Marsh and the unwitting protector of the long-lost Sun Sword. As was the case with the other two guardians, the unholy process by which Strahd bound himself to the Swamp Fane also turned its guardian into an evil, twisted hag.

Unlike the other two guardians, however, the Drowned Lady has spent so much time in the swamp, and has been so corrupted by the unholy bond Strahd has with the fane that she is little more than a wretched monster that ekes out a sad existence in the murk and mist of the Ivlis Marsh.

She sought to challenge the party when they discovered the Swamp Fane, but was dispatched and subjected to the same fate as Madam Eva.