Ireena Kolyana

A beautiful woman living in shadow


Race: Human
Class: Fighter (?)

Weapons Armour Items
.. .. ..

Special Abilities: Diseased (Damselitis)


Ireena Kolyana is one of the few remaining inhabitants of Borovia, a town besieged by the undead. She is the daughter of the town’s former burgomeister, Kolyan Indirovich, who was poisoned by the vampire Strahd.

Since the death of her father, Ireena has taken over control over the mansion that is her family’s ancestral home. Much to the chagrin of Ismark, her brother, Ireena is determined to stay with her father’s body, to defend it from the zombies that plague the town. This task has become increasingly difficult, however. Once the mansion was defended by Kolyan, who weilded the Amulet of Ravenkind, which protected his family from Strahd’s machinations. Since his death, though, the amulet has stopped working and was eventually stolen by one of Strahd’s agents.

Despite her best attempts to defend herself from Strahd’s agents, Ireena has become increasingly harassed by them and has recently started dreaming of Strahd himself, dreams in which he chases and embraces her.

Strahd, it seems, is in love with Ireena, and has bitten her, dooming Ireena to an unlife of vampirism enthralled to the evil vampire lord.