Madam Eva

A wise woman of Borovia and the guardian of the Forest Fane


Race: Annais Hag
Class: Creature / Cleric


Madam Eva is the nominal ruler of the Vistani, an itinerant group of gypsies, thieves and spies and is also one of Strahd’s agents in Borovia. She was lately encamped at the Tser Pool with her Vistani followers, and it was there that she drew Spelunkers Anonymous into her camp to read their fortunes.

She provided the group information on the Amulet of Ravenkind, the Sun Sword, as well as information on Strahd and his connection to the wilderness fanes by reading their fortunes via divination. It was only when she went to read the cards detailing the fanes that she got aggressive, signalling for the gypsies to ambush the party as they exited her tent.

Attempting to retreat, she was stopped by Huge and summarily defeated. It transpired that she was one of the three hags who guarded the wilderness fanes, one of which was located right next to Eva’s camp.

Madam Eva was one of the three clerics who had once tended to the wilderness fanes. When Strahd twisted and corrupted their power for his own, it in turn twisted the clerics, turning them into the evil hags that guarded the fanes against the forces of good. The party, having killed the seer and placed her body in the runic circle of the fane, destroyed the power the fane provided Strahd and released Eva from her cursed state.