Strahd von Zarovich

An ancient vampire who terrorises Borovia


Race: Human/Vampire
Class: Fighter??

Weapons Armour Items
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Strahd von Zarovich is an ancient vampire who controls and terrorises the town of Borovia. In addition to all the abilities that come with being a centuries-old vampire, Strahd is able to command powers that allow him to directly influence the land of Borovia and its inhabitants in a variety of terrible ways. These powers are drawn from the three wilderness fanes that the vampire lord has corrupted with dark power, and in doing so corrupted their guardians.

There is more to Strahd than just a desire for power and control, though. He seems to have an infatuation with Ireena Kolyana, the daughter of Kolyan, the town’s now-dead burgomeister. In her dreams, Ireena is chased by the vampire lord, who embraces her and calls her Tatanya. He also grieves for his brother, whom he slew in centuries past in his original bid for power.

Madam Eva has predicted that the party will face Strahd in the tomb of his brother, Seregei von Zarovich, although the dark influence in this place will tax them greatly.