Thordor Thordorin

Borovia's blacksmith and his family


Name: Thordor Thordorin
Race: Human
Class: Adept/Barbarian

Name: Maria Thordorin
Race: Human
Class: Commoner

Name: Tanya Thordorin
Race: Human
Class: Commoner (aspiring cleric/wizard)

Name: Preston Thordorin
Race: Human
Class: Commonder (aspiring paladin)


Thordor was the blacksmith of the village in Borovia. He and his wife Maria were survivors of the zombie outbreak and had been trying to keep the townsfolk safe ever since.

He was a former adventurer himself, having been trained as a barbarian in the distant past, but his front-line combat days are long gone. Thordor does, though, possess a vast knowledge of Borovia’s many locations and inhabitants.

His children, Tanya and Preston, had inherited their father’s adventuring spirit, and had taken to shadowing the adventurers who’ve recently arrived in town.

Tanya, 17, is the former appretice of Danovich, the town cleric. When he went mad though, Tanya stopped her clerical training and retired to her family home. The arrival of Spelunkers Anonymous meant that she was once again able to watch a cleric in action, this time one whose powers and devotion vastly exceed those of her former master. She had also shown an interest in the arcane powers of the party’s wizard.

Preston, 14, shared his older sister’s religious devotion. He sought to apply it more directly though, and aspired to be a crusading paladin. He took an immediate shine to Uther, much to the paladin’s concern (and quiet satisfaction).

When the party found and destoyed the Forest Fane, though, things took a turn for the worse. As part of his plan for revenge, Strahd sent his minion to attack many of the party’s allies. Preston, who was foolishly allowed to stand a watch on his own, was attacked and turned into a vampire spawn. The party were forced to destroy him.

His parents were heartbroken, and Tanya has taken to travelling with the party, seeking vengeance for her brother.