Baba Zelenna

The guardian of the Mountain Fane


Race: Advanced Green Hag
Class: Creature


Baba Zelenna was one of the three former clerics who guarded the wilderness fanes, now corrupted by Strahd’s vile influence.

Lurking in the ruins of the Ectarine Tower, Baba Zelenna called into her service a coven of witches. Unlike her two sisters, she had no intention of labouring in Strahd’s service and sought to overthrow him.

She and her witches summoned an aspect of Chernovog, a demon lord, to challenge Strahd’s power. The night of the new moon was to be the night that they completed the summoning, allowing the Green God’s physical form into the prime material plane.

However, the summoning was interrupted by the party, who dispatched Chernovog’s aspect and Baba Zelenna and her witches. The last of the fane guardians killed and the fanes themselves deactivated, Strahd’s link to the land was severed, freeing Baba Zelenna and her sisters from their cursed servitude.