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  • Generic Dungeon

    h2. Overview *DM: Jason*

    This was the dungeon in which the party first discovered Vampensh, who had bitten off more than he could chew and was found chained to a wall, having been camptured by the dungeon's denizens. It can likely be said that …

  • The Slave Lords

    h2. Overview *DM: Rob*

    Whilst travelling between towns, Spelunkers Anonymous came across an [[Slave Lord's Castle | imposing castle]] occupied by goblins. Further investigation revealed that the castle was also haunted and that two of the castle's …

  • Journey to Riceland

    h2. Overview *DM: John*

    The party arrived in a town called [[Greenseas]] (or something) in time for the local magical expo. With arcane practitioners, magical items galore and no small amount of other entertainments, Spelunkers Anonymous quickly …

  • The Pharohs Curse

    h2. Overview *DM: Jason*
    While recovering from their previous adventure, Spelunkers Anonymous discovered that [[:malakai|Malakai]] had dissapeared. When a mysterious rider appeared and claimed to have seen him in a distant land, the party were …

  • Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

    h2. Overview *DM: John*
    The party recieve a mysterious letter from Kolyan Indirovich begging their assistance in ridding [[Borovia]] of the zombie outbreak that has been plaguing the town. They soon learn that there is more to this than meets the …