First encountered by the party in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

The land of Borovia is a land bathed in shadows. Set apart from any other nearby settlements by miles of dark forest, winding paths and impassable mountains, it is home to only the most hardy of folk.

A small town, isolated from any other nearby settlements by an oppressive forest, dangerous beasts and a growing darkness. Until recently it was managed by the burgomeister Kolyan Indirovich, however he has since been killed by the undead which plague the town.

Overlooking the town is the imposing Castle Ravenloft, rumoured to be home to the legendary vampire Strahd von Zarovich.

Scattered around the provice are a number of localities of interest. These are:

  • The Svalich Woods: A dark, oppresive forest, home to a clan of elven werewolves and the location of the Amulet of Ravenkind, which is in the possession of a fey spirit.
  • Tser Pool: The location of the seer Madam Eva and the itinerant Vistani. The Forest Fane and its guardian – also Madam Eva – is also located nearby.
  • Lysaga Hill: The northernmost part of Borovia and the location of Baba Zelenna, the guardian of the Mountain Fane who sought to summon the demon lord Chernovog to challenge Strahd for control of Borovia.
  • Ivlis Marsh: The southernmost part of Borovia and, according to Madam Eva, the location of the fabled Sun Sword. It is also the location of the Swamp Fane and its guardian, the The Drowned Lady.
  • Tser Falls: The last stop on the road from the village of Borovia to Castle Ravenloft, and rumoured to be the home of a crazed, man-hunting dwarven tracker.