The Slave Lords


DM: Rob

Whilst travelling between towns, Spelunkers Anonymous came across an imposing castle occupied by goblins. Further investigation revealed that the castle was also haunted and that two of the castle’s previous occupants remained inside, hidden within an apparently abandoned wing of the keep.

Delving deeper within the castle, the party came across numerous opponents, both living and undead, in the service of the castle’s current occupiers, a band of ruthless slave lords. With the fate of countless innocent people in their hands, Spelunkers Anonymous set out to defeat the evil within.

The Boss

The slave lords answered to two leaders. One was a mighty fighter who, although blind, challenged the party’s combat abilities. The second was an evil caster who had bewitched someone into acting as her body double. As the caster was engaged, she fled into the bowels of the castle. The party gave chase, but were split up by a trap within one of the halls leading to the lower exit from the castle. Huge fell down this pit and was carried by an underground river to the lands surrounding the castle. It was here that he encountered the evil caster who had eluded the rest of the party. Huge engaged her and, fortunately, prevailed before she could bring to bear any of her more powerful spells.

Memorable Loot