Uther Lightbringer

A shining paragon of virtue amongst largely indifferent companions.

Class Player
Paladin/Cleric Justin
Age Height Weight Hair Eyes Deity Alignment
20 5’8" 125lbs Brown Brown Heironeous/Pelor L-G
Weapons Armour Items
+2 Greatsword Dragon hide armour Ring of water breathing
+3 Mace +3 Heavy steel shield Gauntlets of Ogre power
Ogre bow Bracers of defence +1 Ioun Stone


  • Common

This confident paladin tends to polarise the people he meets – either into adopting a more virtuous lifestyle, or deeper into the spiteful, hateful shadows in which they lurk.

So confident of his own abilities, Uther maintains that his visiage will one day be etched in stone as a monument to his good deeds. This vanity has been known to colour his judgement and, perhaps as a timely reminder, the fates have seen fit to expose his finely tempered face to all manner of disfiguring substances – much to his charign and the amusement of his companions.