Vampensh DeMartyn

A wizard with something to prove

Class Player
Wizard Timothy
Age Height Weight Hair Eyes Deity Alignment
24 6’ 128lbs Black/Silver Blue Boccob L-N
Weapons Armour Items
+1 Heavy Crowssbow Robe of Fire Resistance Gem of Seeing
m/w Dagger Bracers of Defence +1 Ring of Warmth
Quarterstaff Cloak of Protection +2 Pearl of Power
.. .. Ioun Stone


  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Elven
  • Undercommon

Potato, a lizard.


Vampensh is a wizard for whom magic does not come naturally. The middle child from an upwardly-mobile merchant family, his primary driving force is largely shame – at his family, his mediocre upbringing and his own percieved lack of ability.

He displayed no defining characteristics as a young man, and so was expected to follow his parents and older brother, Aarmus into the family business of textile trading.

Celine, his silver-tongued younger sister, regarded him with indifference and so figured only little in Vampensh’s interactions with the world around him. Aarmus, however, was a different story. A brash and brutish young man, Aarmus worked with his parents as a guard on the family’s trading caravans. He took a sadistic pleasure in goading his younger brother into competing in tests of strength, courage and stamina. These ‘tests’ were little more than excuses for Aarmus to draw Vampensh out of his depth and subsequently ridicule and humiliate him.

By the time he was in his late teens, Vampensh had grown so desperate to best his brother at something – anything – that he bought a spell scroll from a wizard. Although not trained in magic at all, he learned how to cast the spell not out of any natural aptitude but sheer force of will.

It was with this spell – Touch of Fatigue – that he was able to handicap his unknowing brother and finally beat him. Aarmus had challenged his younger brother to a race across the lake near their family home – one of his favourite testing grounds, as the man took malicious pleasure in seeing his younger brother thrash inefficiently through the water as he struggled to keep up with his oder brother’s confident stroke. This time would be different, though As Vampensh reached out his hand prior to the race and touched his older brother, he felt waves of necrotic energy coursing through his open palm and into his unknowing and bewildered brother.

With Aarmus handicapped, Vampensh was able to pace himself and swim to the opposite side, easily outmatching his brother. Watching his sibling flail slowly through the very water that he usually powered through, the would-be mage suddenly experienced something that had previously been denied him: power.

Realising that magic might be both a way out of the family business and a potential career path, Vampensh petitioned his parents to allow him to attend the local wizard’s college. They eventually conceeded, figuring that not only could he could use his new skills to benefit the family business, but that having a mage in the family would serve as a status symbol.

However wizard college proved to be, if anything, more challenging than Vampensh’s home life. Although he found little in the way of physical confrontations, the young mage found himself competing with many, more naturally gifted students. To prove his abilities to both himself and his peers, Vampensh took to testing himself against a series of increasingly dangerous dungeon denizens. It was against one of these that he eventually was bested and captured, only to be rescued by a group of wandering adventurers, whom he joined.