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  • Malakai Lovejoy

    Malakai is a cleric who takes his religion seriously - so much so that others percieve him as haughy and arrogant. His value as a scourge of the undead, however, should not be underestimated.

  • Madam Eva

    Madam Eva is the nominal ruler of the [[Vistani]], an itinerant group of gypsies, thieves and spies and is also one of [[:strahd|Strahd's]] agents in [[Borovia]]. She was lately encamped at the Tser Pool with her Vistani followers, and it was there that …

  • Danovich

    Danovich was the local cleric for the town of [[Borovia]]. He was a staunch defender of the town, having used his divine powers against the forces arrayed against the townsfolk regularly. However the protracted war with the undead has taken its toll …