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  • Vampensh DeMartyn

    Vampensh is a wizard for whom magic does not come naturally. The middle child from an upwardly-mobile merchant family, his primary driving force is largely shame - at his family, his mediocre upbringing and his own percieved lack of ability. He …

  • Malakai Lovejoy

    Malakai is a cleric who takes his religion seriously - so much so that others percieve him as haughy and arrogant. His value as a scourge of the undead, however, should not be underestimated.

  • Grul

    Nobody knows much about the enigmatic druid who joined the group early in their travels. His motives are mysterious, his methods unpredictable, his effectiveness questionable, yet he stays on.

  • Haradrim the Unknown

    Haradrim is less mysterious than he would like to think he is. His abilities as an entryman have yet to be called into question, nor has his eyesight. He has expanded his repotoire into the realm of magic, which he uses to augment his already prodigiously …

  • Uther Lightbringer

    This confident paladin tends to polarise the people he meets - either into adopting a more virtuous lifestyle, or deeper into the spiteful, hateful shadows in which they lurk. So confident of his own abilities, Uther maintains that his visiage will …

  • Huge

    The huge furrowed brow of this imposing half-orc hides a more calculating mind than most would give him credit for. Already a seasoned adventurer, Huge has learned to compensate for his mediocre intelligence with experience and pure will. He can also …