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Welcome Travellers!

Pray sit with me, and I’ll tell you a tale of a party of brave adventurers, good and brave men all (well, mostly), who risked their lives in search of wealth, fame, and of evil to dispatch.

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A Note on Adventure Logs

I’m forever tweaking the formatting of the Adventure Log so it’s easier to read. The default settings are generally okay, but as I’m given to excessive verbosity with my narratives, I keep trying to change it to make it easier on the reader.

Currently, this entails applying some inline CSS styling to the log posts, which seems to be working. Sometimes, though, I get a little carried away and, in trying to make something look nicer, I actually manage to monumentally stuff it up. So bear with me; if you see something that looks out of place, I’ll probably have realised it myself and have already taken steps to fix it.

As a handy baseline, though, I recommend not trying to read the adventure logs in the format that they appear in by default (ie: as one big ol’ list). I recommend clicking on the header of the log post you want to read, which will open that post in a new page with some handy ‘next post’, ‘previous post’ buttons at the bottom.

Ravenloft Adventure Beginning