Generic Dungeon


DM: Jason

This was the dungeon in which the party first discovered Vampensh, who had bitten off more than he could chew and was found chained to a wall, having been camptured by the dungeon’s denizens. It can likely be said that Vampensh was really the only loot to be taken from the dungeon, as the rest of the itmes found had to be turned over to the dragon that resided in the depths of the dungeon in exchange for the party’s lives.

The Boss

The boss fight in this campaign wasn’t really a fight at all, but more of the party getting bitch-slapped by a young dragon that had made its home in the caves below the dungeon. The party made a brief attempt to fight the dragon, but were handily beaten by the wyrm. The only reason they survived is because they traded all their goods in exchange for their lives.

This campaign, suffice to say, was something of a learning curve.

Memorable Loot