Journey to Riceland


DM: John

The party arrived in a town called Greenseas (or something) in time for the local magical expo. With arcane practitioners, magical items galore and no small amount of other entertainments, Spelunkers Anonymous quickly made themselves at home and went about the business of finding work.

It was in a tavern called the Briar Rose that they came across a local man, Akira, whose tale of evil magics and lands far away intrigued them.

Akira, it seemed, was a paranoid refugee from Riceland, a distant country which was under the control of an evil wizard named Lo-Pan. Before Akira could give any more information he was engulfed in blue firey magic and dissapeared along with the entirety of the room which he occupied, leaving only a bare space.

At the back of the only corridor leaving the room, the Spelunkers Anonymous discovered a magical mirror that enchanted them and transported the party to a cave in distant Riceland. Thus began their adventure proper. Once they had defeated the creatures occupying the cave, the party descended the mountain in which the cave was located and walked towards the only settlement they could see. This town was located in a valley between two great mountains – one that the party had just come from, and another upon which was build a huge and imposing black castle.

Spelunkers Anonymous reached the town with Grul turning to evil only once and discovered that the town was inhabited almost completely by the hollow shells of living men that had been infused with dark magics. Located in the town was an in called the White Rose, which seemed oddly familiar. Inside the inn the party found and befriended a trio of local men who sought to rid the town of the evil, Lo-Pan, that tormented it. These men were Jubei, a proud Samurai warrior, Ruce-Lee, a disciplined monk, and The Other Guy – a fighter – whose name I forget. Once the party had rested, they set off with this trio into the catacombs that led to the castle.

The Boss

Spelunkers Anonymous faced off with three very powerful opponents – The Other Guy’s evil brother, Lo-Pan and Enzoneir. As it turned out, however, The Other Guy fought his evil brother in single combat, with each felled by the other, and Enzoneir obviously had other plans and so left before he could be engaged, which left the party facing Lo-Pan alone.

Lo-Pan trapped the party in a pocket dimension where they fought one of his more powerful minons and a dragon. Haradrim, who had claimed the powerful sword dropped by the Other Guy’s evil brother, found that it was extremely effective against Lo-Pan’s minion and used it, with the support of the rest of the party, to dispatch the opponents.

Once this was done, the pocket dimension collapsed and the party had to leave or face being destroyed when the magic collapsed. Leaving Jubei – the sole surviving member of the trio they befriended – Spelunkers Anonymous jumped through a portal back to their own dimension and escaped Riceland largely unscathed.

Sadly, much of the magical items they had acquired throughout the adventure, including the powerful sword claimed by Haradrim, were lost on the return journey.

Memorable Loot