The Pharohs Curse


DM: Jason
While recovering from their previous adventure, Spelunkers Anonymous discovered that Malakai had dissapeared. When a mysterious rider appeared and claimed to have seen him in a distant land, the party were immediately suspicious.

It turned out that Malakai had been bidden by his clerical superiors to travel to a distant desert in seach of a powerful religious relic. The rider subsequently led Spelunkers Anonymous to this land in an attempt to reunite the party with Malakai.

When the party arrived, they were caught by some guardsmen of the local lord and were pressed into his service with the threat of facing danger (and riches) on the country’s border, or death at the hands of his guardsmen. This lord, it seemed, had been having trouble with bandits raiding his borders and needed adventurers to seek them out and remove the problem.

So Spelunkers Anonymous travelled with a small contingent of the guardsmen to the Desert of Desolation. They soon found Malakai, who had been captured by a pack of giant spiders. Travelling onwards, the newly reunited party started to encounter a ghostly apparition who claimed to be Amon-Ra, the last Pharoh of the long-dead civilisation that once lived in a fertile land that had since become the Desert of Desolation.

Amon-Ra explained the curse over the land, saying that it could be only lifted if the party could acquire the Star Jewel and the Rod of Leadership. He then pointed them towards his pyramid.

The party fought their way through the small army of dervishes that occupied the temple protecting the pyramid, and then entered the pyramid proper. True to the structure of many such edifices, the great pyramid of Amon-Ra proved to be as dangerous as it was confusing to navigate. Spelunkers Anonymous wandered inside the pyramid’s maze-like tunnels for what seemed like many days, encountering all manner of dangers, including devilish traps, horrible monsters and exploding fruit.

Finally, Spelunkers Anonymous found their way to the burial chamber at the top of the pyramid where they found both the Star Jewel and the Rod of Leadership. In doing so, however, they accidentally released the mummy of Amon-Ra.

The Boss

The mummy of Amon-Ra proved to be too powerful an opponent for the party to handle. The cursed being made quick work of two of the party while the remaining members alternated between avoiding the mummy’s deadly attacks and attempting to use the Star Jewel and the Rod to defeat it. When neither option seemed to help, the party retreated to the teleportation pad at the far end of the chamber, thinking to escape, regroup, and find their way back to the burial chamber to defeat the mummy and solve the riddle of Amon-Ra’s pyramid.

It seemed, however, that simply removing the Rod and the Star Jewel from the pyramid was enough to break the curse. Once the party found themselves teleported back to the temple outside the pyramid, there was an earth-shaking storm that whirled around the pyramid. The earth cracked open and released the long-imprisoned river that flowed under the land. With the curse lifted and the land restored, the party headed home.

Memorable Loot

Saldly, much of the loot inside the pyramid was missed by the party as they wandered through it’s many twisting halls. Although they picked up a few scant pieces of currency, much of the other money and loot was left behind, either because the party thought it trapped or cursed, or because they missed it entirely.